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New Student E-mail
by Chris Masters - Tuesday, 9 August 2016, 4:37 PM

Beginning August 10, 2016...

RMCC Student E-mail is now Google Gmail!

Students will also have access to Google Apps for Education, including Google Drive.  Students coming from area high schools may already be familiar with both Gmail and Google Apps.  If not, there are many resources available directly from Google that describe how to use the applications for various kinds of tasks.

1. Student e-mail addresses will not change.  They will still be in the format:

2. To access the new Gmail accounts, existing students must perform a password change via the student Account Maintenance page linked below.  Students activating their student accounts for the first time after August 9, should not have to change their password again.

Account Maintenance (works both on and off-campus):

3. No further e-mail will be received in the old student e-mail account, and sending of new messages will fail.  However, the accounts will remain available until Thursday, September 15 so that students can download any needed files or messages.  Messages will not be migrated automatically to Google.

It may take a few minutes for the password change to reach Google, but then login to Gmail by browsing to: and entering your student username ( and the new password entered above.

Student Support Services is available to help with password changes or answer questions if needed.