This overview course helps familiarize the students with terms and functions of various business aspects of developing and managing a new business entity. Understanding the fundamentals of entrepreneurship builds a strong foundation for further study in Business Administration.

This course outlines the accounting process, introduces terminology, covers ledger accounts, depreciation, and payroll accounting.  It gives the student the opportunity to apply skills learned through video, lecture and hands on assignments.

This course is an overview of the processes involved in human resource management. Specific attention is given to job specifications, screening, interviewing, testing, training, and supervision of employees. Disciplinary actions and legal implications are also covered.

This is a social science course is designed to give students an overview of supply, demand, and economic principles applicable to business settings.  An emphasis is on critical thinking and application of theory.

This course is an introduction to ethics in both business and Information Technology.

Welcome to Money and Banking.  This course provides information regarding financial institutions, markets, and the role of functions of money in a complicated economic system.

This class covers team work, personal control, self-evaluation, group dynamics, leadership style, motivation, productive work habits, conflict and stress, and communications.