This course is a general introduction to the history of Western art, its ancestry, and its heritage. It is designed for the beginning student, and assumes no previous experience in art or art history. In addition to introducing many of the major surviving monuments of painting, sculpture, metalwork, and architecture from circa 25,000 BC to the present, this course will teach the fundamental skills of visual analysis and provide you with vocabulary and concepts for discussing works of art. No less important, the enormous geographical range and long time span covered by the course provide a unique opportunity for investigating the relation between works of art and the varied cultures in which they were produced. As much as learning about creative thinking and skills, understanding human cultural diversity is a major goal of our education.

Above:  Sam Rockwell in Fool for Love by Sam Shepard, Broadway Performance

Theatre Arts Appreciation is a study of live theatre and how it is produced, how it is developed historically and culturally, and how it is evaluated and analyzed. This is primarily a survey class that includes some practical hands on experience in the various theatrical crafts as well as theatre going experiences. Students can expect to study the following areas of the theatre: (1) The Theatre as a Seeing Place (2) Playwrights, Perspectives, and Forms (3) The Actor (4) The Director (5) Designers (6) Producers (7) Musical Theatre (8) Critics.